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- LuRu


About Me


Yoga as a physical practise has been with me a relatively short time, but I guess philosophically it has always innately been within me. During the practise that I share we let go of our expectations, through movement and breath we can experience a mindful meditative experience balancing our whole mind, body and soul.

Opening and creating shapes; ASANAS (positions comfortably held) helps our minds awareness to move to parts that have been dormant or stagnant. 

Through breathe and blood flow we can balance and manipulate our whole hormonal endocrine system and calm the nervous system, imperative for our optimum physical and mental welfare.

After the second or third class I ever attended I started to find myself becoming more engaged with life. A real surge of energy shifted me into a healthier pattern. I wanted to help myself and not feel guilty. I encountered many new acquaintances of colourful characters who inspired me to travel further into this new self discovery.

I had no intention of becoming a yoga teacher but fate had other plans for me, and there was no fighting that force of nature that has already made plans for oneself, so I went with it. I did not have a natural physical ability for yoga, but the sensation that I felt compelled me to go forward. I found that not being very flexible has helped me to help others. Yoga is for anyone, if I can do it, anyone can.

I have a natural ability to teach and communicate with knowledge, humour and compassion. I was a teacher for many years as a riding instructor and ran my own riding school.

I teach a Hatha style yoga and mix in Kundalini, Yin and restorative yoga. I have also just stared to embark on Qi gong (chinese yoga) which I've been filtering into my classes.

I practise Reiki and offer this too. Reiki is a form of energy healing. I naturally do this during my classes to help balance everyone. If they have any questions or experiences we discuss and decipher the hidden message that may come through in the form of colour, taste, smell, pain or emotion.

My classes are small and held at my home. They are personal, fun and friendly. No judgement, just respect, trust and confidentiality. Great friendships have evolved here at Kinda Yoga which fills me with a constant source of gratitude and a priceless sense of privilege and place.


Whats On


Pop - up Yoga

Location; beaches and rivers

Mediation or Reiki Healing

Private or Group


Private sessions

(At your own home)


(more information to follow)


Yoga Parties and Singing Bowl ceremonies

(For all occasions)

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Weekly Classes

I hold classes 3 days a week suitable for beginners and refreshers with emphasis on stretching, realignment, breath and balance, combined with a mindful approach.

All you need is comfy clothing and socks and a blanket (for relaxation). All equipment including mats are provided.

Location: 29 High street, Lavenham

Price per session (including herbal tea): £10


Morning sessions (yoga): 10:00 - 11:30
Evening sessions (guided mediation only): 19:00 - 19:45


Evening sessions (yoga): 18:30 - 20:00


Morning sessions (yoga): 09:30 - 10:30
Evening sessions (yoga): 18:30 - 20:00



Kinda Yoga with Lou has rekindled my interest and enjoyment of yoga. She is very knowledgeable and always pitches the classes to suit all abilities. I can highly recommend her classes.


Having had to give up my usual gym routine due to a shoulder injury, I came to Louise desperate to regain some degree of fitness. She adapted her class to help me achieve that without aggravating the injury and made me very happy. I leave her classes feeling not only stretched, but like I've had a warm hug.

Kim Smith

Hello, I am Azu I am 48yrs and a year ago I had a stroke and after this I went into depression and I had to stop working. I met Lou last year and started yoga classes. She is a lovely woman and helped me a lot with the classes and rehabilitation. It has given me an ability to accept my own feelings, to experience that there are no limits. I am able to relax in my yoga practise and can extend my limitations with less effort. I see changes outside my yoga practise too; I have more energy and patience and am less stressed. Yoga with Lou has brought a peace and balance within the everyday struggle of life. Thank you

Azucena Hammond


Contact Me

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